reward_for_website-229x300Yes, we are offering a reward.

Time and time again we hear that word of mouth, direct contact is one of the best ways, but that is hard. How does a group like ourselves make that happen?

Well, it seems that we have 2500 full time residents of the NS, and thousands more during the summer. Some of you are doctors, some are related to doctors, most of you know doctors (I hope). What if we offered a reward to our population, or anyone for that matter, for bringing a doctor to us.

So there it is. Anyone is eligible to get the reward but there are two conditions…

1) The doctor has to sign a contract for at least 3 years of practice in the Scotch Creek clinic
2) You will not receive the Reward until the first day the doctor begins practice

We will need:

– Name of the family physician, GP, Primary care provider
– Their full current address & phone number (get a business card)
– A couple of sentences about why you think they would like Scotch Creek and the North Shuswap
– Your name and contact information

Contact us at


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